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So, you're interested in joining saints!
There are a few things you should know before putting in an application..

First thing is first.
The first thing you should know about saints is that we're strict.
If this scares you, probably best to stop reading now.
If it doesn't then please proceed.

Usually when being strict is mentioned applicants flee!
You must be tougher than I thought!
Anyway, we are not as strict as people think!
True we have more rules than usual and enforce them.
(See Rules and Guidelines to go over our rules)
However, most of our rules are there to protect our guildies.
The rules that are punished more often than not are those that hurt our guildies.

One of our traditions most applicants ask about is our saluting rule.
(Listed under Traditions in Rules and Guidelines)
If the tradition will be an issue, I would highly suggest that you stop reading now!
Still reading?....Alright then!
Saluting has been a trademark of the saints since we first established in 2010.
Even if you think it's stupid, it will never be revoked.
It's a way to show unity, friendship, respect as well as to set us apart from the rest.

Be patient with your application!
As of August 3rd 2014 we are in the process of rebuilding.
We are also very picky about who gets in!
Also, we are low on saint trainers (See Below).
If you are not okay with a small guild ...Well you know the drill.

Before acceptance of your application you will be required to go through a process.
This is called Saint Training.
A saint trainer is a senior member of the guild.
Your trainer will message you for certain information.
They will ask your total level as well as a little about yourself. 
Don't let this worry you!
Here at saints levels are of little importance.
Only your trainer will know your level unless you tell the guild upon joining.
Your trainer must know your level in order to suggest the proper dungeon to take you to for your training process.
(Code for guild stone: 5472)
Your saint trainer will thereafter be your mentor in the guild.
Sometimes the leaders will saint train members.

By joining saints you are not joining a guild that just stuffs people in and forgets them.
You're joining a union.
 We protect each other.
We fight together.
 We leave no saint behind.

We are a team
We are the Fallensaints.
So-and-so has logged on!